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Annual flower service details


Annual flower beds will be prepared by tilling the soil and compost will be added to help soften the soil. Removal of the tulip bulbs in the flower beds will also be performed if necessary. Pinching and removing dead or unproductive flowers will be performed to help encourage healthier and fuller flowers and to promote growth.


Our landscapers shall install annual flowers and compost to the existing flower beds as indicated. This service also includes the removal of old flowers and completes preparation of the flower bed area.


Pinching and removing dead or unproductive flowers will be performed to help encourage healthier, fuller flowers and to promote growth.


The spring / summer annual flowers shall be removed upon completion of the blooming season. The area will be cleaned and all removed debris will be hauled away and disposed of offsite.

Pink and white annual flowers in a raised flower bed next to a mowed lawn.

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To get started with a service and receive a quote for your property, please contact our sales consultants or your account manager.  

To find out more about O'Hara Outdoors maintenance services, please contact O'Hara Outdoors. Alternatively, get in touch with one of our offices directly: Bluffton or St Louis. Any questions? You can view our FAQ now.

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Colorful annual flowers line entrance to building

Colorful flowers. Every year.

If you are looking to add pops of color to your yard, consider planting annuals. Annuals are plants that must be replanted each year. When selecting annuals, it is important to consider the amount of sunlight and soil type of the area.

Your garden area will be measured and our landscape designers will help you determine the number of plants you will need. O'Hara Outdoors chooses healthy plants with buds instead of open blooms, and plant in masses for the biggest impact. With the right selection and care, you will be sure to have a stunning landscape full of vibrant annuals.

Reasons to schedule

Adds color


Attracts pollinators

Fills landscape gaps

Minimal maintenance

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