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The Vitality of Watering: Nurturing Annuals, New Sod, and Ornamental Plants

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

The world of gardening and landscaping is a remarkable realm, where beauty and nature intertwine. Whether you have a flourishing flower bed, freshly laid sod, or an array of ornamental plants, there is one essential ingredient that dictates their survival and growth: water.

It's now June, and adequate watering is critical during this hot and dry summer. In this editorial, we will delve into the importance of watering these plant types, exploring the reasons why it is crucial and sharing some useful tips to ensure optimal results.

Water container watering flowers
Spot watering Annual flowers during the heat of summer.

Watering Annuals: A splash of color

Annual plants bring bursts of color, charm, and texture to gardens and landscapes. They complete their life cycle in a single growing season, making their watering needs all the more important.

Moisture requirements:

Annuals have shallow root systems that are more susceptible to drying out. Regular watering helps to maintain the moisture levels necessary for their survival.

Extend the lifespan:

Well-watered annuals often have a longer blooming period, allowing you to enjoy their beauty for a more extended period.

"It's hot and dry this June. Annuals need water every day right now", says Brandie Buttermore, O'Hara Outdoors Plant Health Expert.

Watering New Sod: Laying the foundation for a lush lawn

When it comes to creating a lush, green lawn, proper watering techniques are crucial, especially for newly installed sod. Here's why watering new sod is vital:

Root establishment:

Watering immediately after sod installation helps to establish strong root systems. Moisture is essential for roots to penetrate the soil and anchor the grass effectively.

Preventing dehydration:

Newly laid sod can quickly dry out and suffer from dehydration, leading to brown patches and a weakened lawn.

Growth and density:

Consistent watering encourages healthy growth and helps the sod develop a dense turf, minimizing the chances of weeds infiltrating the lawn.

"New sod needs water twice daily. If the new sod starts graying out, it’s too dry," says Brandie.

Woman watering colorful flowers in pots
Watering Ornamental Plants by hand

Ornamental Plants: Preserving Elegance and Charm

With their captivating forms and distinct characteristics, Ornamental plants bring aesthetic appeal to any landscape. Watering ornamental plants is crucial for several reasons:

Hydration needs:

Ornamental plants often have specific water requirements based on their species and the environmental conditions in which they thrive. Understanding these needs is essential for maintaining their health and beauty.

Stress prevention:

Consistent watering prevents plants from experiencing drought stress, which can result in leaf wilting, stunted growth, and even plant death.

Disease prevention:

Proper watering practices, such as watering at the base of the plants, can help minimize the risk of diseases caused by wet foliage.

"New ornamental plants must be hand watered pretty much daily right now... in addition to any irrigation in place. It simply will not cover the plant’s needs. Remember, plants can only take up 10% of the water they receive, so water low and slow is the best technique (think like you’re making a brisket)" says Brandie.


Tips for Effective Watering:

  1. Timing is key: Water early in the morning to minimize water loss due to evaporation and fungal growth, allowing leaves to dry before nighttime.

  2. Water deeply: Provide a thorough watering that penetrates the root zone, encouraging roots to grow deeper and plants to become more drought-tolerant.

  3. Be mindful of soil moisture: Check soil moisture levels regularly using a moisture meter or by assessing the soil's dampness with your fingers. Adjust watering frequency accordingly.

  4. Use proper irrigation techniques: Drip irrigation, soaker hoses, or sprinklers with adjustable patterns can help ensure efficient water distribution while avoiding unnecessary waste.

  5. Mulch for moisture retention: Apply a layer of organic mulch around plants and on new sod to reduce evaporation, suppress weeds, and regulate soil temperature.


Watering is an indispensable aspect of gardening and landscaping, particularly for annuals, new sod, and ornamental plants. By understanding the specific needs of each plant type and implementing appropriate watering practices, you can nurture their growth, health, and overall beauty. Whether you're tending to a garden or establishing a new lawn, remember that water is the essential. The experts at O'Hara Outdoors are available to service or install an irrigation system for your property to help sustain the vitality and longevity of these living treasures.

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