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Your great landscape.
Maintained by O'Hara Outdoors.

Bed maintenance

Remove debris and weeds from your flower beds, plus pruning, ivy maintenance and bed redefinition.


Get rid of dead grass and debris so fresh grass can receive better air flow and nutrients.

Edging and mulching

Frame beds with landscape edging and quality mulch to create a clean look and keep weeds away.

Lawn aeration

Loosen hard soil to provide a passage for air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots of your lawn.

St Louis lawn with green grass stripes

Mowing and trimming

Scheduled grass cutting done at the perfect height with blades sharpened daily.


Plant more grass seeds over an existing lawn to improve its density, texture, and overall health.


selectively removing parts of trees, shrubs, and plants to promote healthy growth and maintain appearance.

Yard clean up

Remove debris, leaves, branches, and other unwanted materials after a storm or end of a season.

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a large boulder sits in a rock bed within a beautiful lawn

Rocks and boulders

New trees in burlap sacks waiting to be planted

Tree services

Flower bed with red and yellow tulips in St Louis, Missouri

Planting services


Over 50 landscaping services available to you

We offer a service for all your outdoor needs, including design, development, maintenance and enhancement for residential or commercial properties.

A wealth of knowledge to enhance your property

Founded by Michael O'Hara in 1995, O'Hara Outdoors has completed more than half a million landscape services with unmatched expertise.

Personalized service that goes above and beyond

Built on a reputation for meticulous work, we provide luxury landscaping in St Louis, Bluffton, Hilton Head and surrounding areas.


Discover the difference

You can be confident O'Hara Outdoors is the best choice for a professional landscaper in Missouri or South Carolina. We are trusted for our vast knowledge of landscaping and outdoor services.

Landscaping maintenance is crucial for preserving property value and increasing curb appeal.

As the weather warms up and the days get longer, many homeowners turn their attention to their outdoor spaces. A well-maintained yard not only provides a beautiful backdrop for relaxing and entertaining, but it can also significantly impact property value. To preserve the curb appeal and functionality of outdoor spaces, landscaping maintenance is crucial.

One of the most important aspects of landscaping maintenance is regular service. This includes mowing and trimming to keep grass at an appropriate height and edging to prevent it from encroaching on walkways or flower beds. Additionally, the lawn can be kept healthy and lush with aeration; fertilization and weed control can prevent unsightly and invasive plants from taking over.

Beyond the basic services, landscaping maintenance also involves caring for trees, shrubs, and other plantings. Regular pruning and shaping can help maintain their size and shape, while also promoting healthy growth. Additionally, keeping up with flower bed maintenance can help prevent soil erosion and maintain moisture levels. With proper landscaping maintenance, homeowners can enjoy a beautiful and functional outdoor space that adds value to their property.

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