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Pruning service details

Shrub and Hedge Pruning

Using professional pruning techniques, any applicable s hrubs and hedges are pruned during the plants optimal part of the season to maintain overall plant shape and health. Crews will remove dead, damaged, and diseased branches.

Light Tree Pruning

Lower tree limbs are lifted to allow sunlight to the base, and dead wood is removed to maintain the natural shape of the plant. This service does not include tree removal or pruning of trees larger than 6" in diameter.

Wood-Line Containment Pruning

Pruning back, containing, or full removal of overgrown vegetation from wood-line encroachment onto property.


Properly cut branches. Healthy, shapely and safe.

Pruning is a critical aspect of maintaining healthy and aesthetically pleasing plants, trees, and shrubs in your outdoor space. While it may seem like a simple task, pruning requires expertise and knowledge to ensure that the right cuts are made in the right places.

The professionals at O'Hara Outdoors have the necessary knowledge, experience, and equipment to provide quality pruning services. We understand the unique needs of each plant and tree, including how and when to prune to promote healthy growth, remove diseased or damaged branches, and improve the overall appearance of your outdoor space.

By investing in pruning services from a reputable landscaping company, you can ensure that your plants and trees remain healthy, beautiful, and safe. It's a small investment that can provide significant returns in terms of the beauty and value of your property.

Reasons to schedule

Better plant health

Nicer size and shape

Curb appeal

Increased blooms

Sunlight & air circulation

Over 50 landscaping services available to you

We offer a service for all your outdoor needs, including design, development, maintenance and enhancement for residential or commercial properties.

A wealth of knowledge to enhance your property

Founded by Michael O'Hara in 1995, O'Hara Outdoors has completed more than half a million landscape services with unmatched expertise.

Personalized service that goes above and beyond

Built on a reputation for meticulous work, we provide luxury landscaping in St Louis, Bluffton, Hilton Head and surrounding areas.

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Discover the difference

You can be confident O'Hara Outdoors is the best choice for a professional landscaper in Missouri or South Carolina. We are trusted for our vast knowledge of landscaping and outdoor services.

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