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Yard clean up service details

Spring clean up

The initial spring service includes a bed clean-up, manual weed pulling, ground cover/ivy maintenance, shrub/hedge pruning, perennial plant care, cutting back of ornamental grasses and/or roses if applicable and mulch bed redefinition. These services will all be performed prior to a premium double ground hard wood bark mulch or pine straw application. Our high quality mulch not only beautifies, but also helps to prevent weed infestation and conserve soil moisture. Bed mulching serves to protect the base of young trees and shrubs. 

Commercial blowers, backpack blowers, and leaf rakes will be used in all lawn areas, enclosed areas and bed areas to remove all debris which has accumulated through the winter months. Trash and compost will be hauled away.

Fall clean up

This service will be provided in late fall to clean-up fallen leaves and branches from the lawn areas and bed areas to maintain a clean environment.

Winter clean up

This service will be provided in late winter to clean-up fallen leaves and branches from the lawn areas and bed areas to maintain a clean environment. Clean dead foliage from perennials, cut back rose half way, remove noticeable dead plants. Lift canopies of trees (as needed), reguvinate prune (as requested).

Storm clean up

Clean up of fallen branches and destroyed foliage from the lawn and bed areas. Cut and haul away large debris, remove damaged plants, replant uprooted plants and trim up bushes and hedges with severe damage.


Storm mess. Season change. It's no problem. We'll tighty up.

A yard clean up service can be a great way to keep your outdoor space looking neat and tidy. It's important to note that different seasons have different yard maintenance needs. Spring cleaning is usually more thorough, with tasks like bed maintenance, weed pulling, bed edging and hedge trimming. Fall cleaning includes leaf and branch removal. Winter cleaning removes dead plants and lifts tree canopies. Plus, there's Post Storm cleanup available as needed.

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