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Retaining walls, steps and paths

Keep your yard solid, safe and appealing at the same time.

Transform your landscape into a masterpiece of functionality and beauty with a new retaining wall, steps or path. These additions are an elegant solution to preventing soil erosion, managing slopes and expanding your walkable area.

The structural strength and durability of a retaining wall will protect your property and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. We offer customization of retaining walls, steps and paths with a variety of materials from natural stone to modern concrete blocks. Add interest with matching Rocks and bulders and seasonal color displays. Complete your retaining wall with a waterfall for a stunning hardscape project.

Reasons to schedule

Soil erosion control

Safety and support

Expanded functional space

Special flower beds

Integrate with a waterfall

Over 50 landscaping services available to you

We offer a service for all your outdoor needs, including design, development, maintenance and enhancement for residential or commercial properties.

A wealth of knowledge to enhance your property

Founded by Michael O'Hara in 1995, O'Hara Outdoors has completed more than half a million landscape services with unmatched expertise.

Personalized service that goes above and beyond

Built on a reputation for meticulous work, we provide luxury landscaping in St Louis, Bluffton, Hilton Head and surrounding areas.

Schedule a service

Discover the difference

You can be confident O'Hara Outdoors is the best choice for a professional landscaper in Missouri or South Carolina. We are trusted for our vast knowledge of landscaping and outdoor services.

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