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Irrigation installation details

Smart watering systems save plants, water and money.

An irrigation system is a network of pipes, valves, and sprinklers that deliver water to your lawn and garden. Proper irrigation installation is a vital aspect of lawn care and landscaping, as it ensures that your lawn and plants receive the proper amount of water they need to thrive.

Our experienced technicians will design and install a new system custom to your property. O'Hara Outdoors irrigation systems include smart controllers accessible from your phone and all necessary sensors for weather, rain, and soil. If you already have a system, we over a range of irrigation services to help you.

Reasons to schedule

Steady your watering

Conserve water

Saves time and energy

Add property value

Avoid overwatering

Over 50 landscaping services available to you

We offer a service for all your outdoor needs, including design, development, maintenance and enhancement for residential or commercial properties.

A wealth of knowledge to enhance your property

Founded by Michael O'Hara in 1995, O'Hara Outdoors has completed more than half a million landscape services with unmatched expertise.

Personalized service that goes above and beyond

Built on a reputation for meticulous work, we provide luxury landscaping in St Louis, Bluffton, Hilton Head and surrounding areas.

Schedule a service

Discover the difference

You can be confident O'Hara Outdoors is the best choice for a professional landscaper in Missouri or South Carolina. We are trusted for our vast knowledge of landscaping and outdoor services.

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