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Pest control service details

Dormant Oil Application

This service will be applied to all appropriate trees and evergreens to help control scale insects and suffocate egg masses of other insects.

Insect Control

The perimeter of the foundation will be treated every other month, with professional grade chemicals to help minimize spiders, ants and other unwanted insects.

Tree & Shrub Insect Control

This service will consist of three applications to help control insects feeding at different times per season to help control tent caterpillars, canker worms, bagworms, aphids, mites, etc.

Turf Grub Control

Our Insect/Grub Control Program reduces a wide variety of insect pests without appreciably reducing beneficial insect populations. For sub-surface feeding insects such as White Grubs, irrigation to a depth of 1 – 1 ½” will help move the insecticide into the root zone where grubs are feeding. Thatch over ½ - ¾” may reduce effectiveness of the treatment. *Preventative and Curative programs are available.

Mole Repellant Spray

The contractor will use a lawn roller to compress the damaged/uprooted turf due to mole damage.

Mole Treatment with Talprid

The contractor will investigate mole runs for recent activity and bait the active runs.

Mosquito Control

The exterior of your property will be treated to include foliage, fencing, trees, shrubs, shady areas and harborages to help mosquito suppression. This service will be performed every two to three weeks during the infestation season.


Secure your lawn, safeguard your landscape.

Landscape pest control is an important aspect of lawn care, as it helps to protect your lawn from pests that can cause significant damage to your landscape. Landscape pests can come in many forms, such as insects, mites, rodents, and even some types of plants. By using the right pest control methods, you can prevent and control these pests to ensure a healthy and attractive lawn.

It's important to note that different types of pests have different control methods, and it's essential to understand the specific needs of your lawn and to seek professional help if you're unsure how to properly maintain it.

With the right pest control service and proper timing from O'Hara Outdoors, your landscape can be protected and enjoyable all year round.

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Founded by Michael O'Hara in 1995, O'Hara Outdoors has completed more than half a million landscape services with unmatched expertise.

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